Boom Beach Cheats – Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach Cheats – Boom Beach Hack


Hey guys, welcome to AllHack4U, the home of everything boom beach, from boom beach cheats to the latest boom beach hack. We welcome Boom Beach players of all skill levels. Whether you have been playing for just a week and got hooked, or been at it since the game was released in early 2014, we’ve got something here at AllHack4U to offer you.

Boom Beach Hack

Every Boom Beach player goes through the same problem. They just run out of gems too damn fast. Boom Beach isn’t giving enough gems and you’re being forced to buy gems just to keep up. Yeah, I know. I’m an avid player, I know exactly what it is you’re going through, I went through the same thing myself. Don’t fret though, after you’re done reading this page, you will have learned that with our exclusive Boom Beach Hack, you’ll be able to get as many gems as you want, for free.

Boom Beach Currency: What’s Behind The Wall

Boom Beach as you all know, is a Free-2-Play game. There’s zero cost to download the game. Great huh? We get to play a fun game for free, correct? honestly, there’s more to it than that. While yes, Boom Beach is free to download, and it is a fun game, it’s not a 100% free game. In order to fully be able to enjoy Boom Beach how it was meant to be played, you would need more gems (gold, wood, stone, iron, diamonds) than what’s given for free. What I’m telling you is that Supercell (the creators of boom beach) has set up the game so that it cannot be played correctly unless you get more gems. In layman’s term, you’re being baited into making in-app purchases for currency to play this “free game”.


Boom Beach Cheats: How to get unlimited Diamonds for Free

Resources in Boom Beach are quite important. They can also be very expensive. I’m sure if you took a look at those prices you would agree. But there’s a way to get unlimited Boom Beach diamonds for free (and other resources). With our Boom Beach hack, you can get a 100% free program that can generate an unlimited amount of free diamonds and other gems into your account. This program is a very sleek lightweight program that we’ve created for the Boom Beach community that’s tired of paying for in game purchases.

We update this boom beach hack on a bi-weekly basis and we’re always running tests to keep it functioning at top speed. Our Boom Beach cheats are fully compatible with your mobile device (unless its a 1988 nokia or something) as well as have 100% up time. This hack is completely safe for your computer to use. Never will there be a virus, malware, or any other malicious specimens added to your computer from our free programs. Never Ever Ever (Never Ever). You are 100% safe and so are your mobile devices and Boom Beach account. We promise!

Boom Beach Cheats Considered Unfair

Hello and welcome to the official site for all things boom beach. Looking for a certain boom beach hack or the latest boom beach cheats this is the site for you to be on, trust me. We at Boom Beach Universe are intense Boom Beach players who have been playing pretty much since the game was released to mobile devices. We have mastered the game basically and we know enough to help those in the intermediate and beginner levels. This site will eventually become full of boom beach tips and tricks. This post is not going to fully talk about boom beach cheats, we’re going to go a different route and talk about the state of the mobile gaming industry and where mobile gaming cheats and hacks fit into this whole equation.

Boom Beach Cheats: Do They Ruin the Game?

Do cheats for games such as Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Candy Crush Saga ruin the game? That’s a good question and can be argued either way. After hearing our take on the matter, you soon will be the great benefits of boom beach cheats to the boom beach game. Cheats for mobile games aren’t a bad thing. Hacks for mobile games aren’t a bad thing. Users when using mobile gaming exploits aren’t hurting the game or the gameplay. Exploits for mobile games aren’t taking the fun out of the game, its bringing the fun back into it and let me explain how.

Without the use of a boom beach hack, users are forced to play the game how the gaming company sees fit. This means the consumer is playing the game at the pace of the creators, earning in game currency at the pace of the creators, and have to spend money (real hard earned cash), how the creators of these games sees fit. And trust me, the guys who make these games are out for a pay day. Supercell, the creators of Boom Beach have been noted for having under 100 total employees (this includes janitors) but making over $40 million last year. These guys found their niche and are cashing in, at the expense of those who thought they were downloading and playing a free game.

Boom Beach Tips: Tip #1 is Don’t Buy Diamonds

Interested in learning your first boom beach tips? Ok cool, tip #1 is don’t buy boom beach diamonds. Do. Not. Buy. Boom. Beach. Diamonds. Trust me, Boom Beach will try to exploit you until you do, but stay strong fam. Don’t buy diamonds even if the game seems to become harder or seems to require diamonds. With our Boom Beach hack, diamonds are 100% free and users no longer have to scrap for diamonds in the game or bug their friends for diamonds.

Boom Beach is one of the many games flooding your app stores now that exercise the freemium business model. Basically what that mean is the games are free to download and play, but users eventually are going to have to pay for in game currency if they want to advance far or compete with the big boys in the game. Basically, here’s how the freemium business model work. Users are all intrigued by the game. They download for free and start to enjoy the game for a while. Eventually, users are going to be prompted to purchase in game items or currency. This is suppose to be optional and players should be allowed to play on without making any in game purchases. Keyword: suppose. But the world isn’t perfect, my hairline is receding, and eventually the game is going to become muh more harder for you if you don’t make a purchase and make the gaming company richer. Freemium games have come under scrutiny especially with cases being reported of kids using their parents mobile devices and raking up huge tabs because they wanted some coins in their favorite game not knowing real cash is coming out of their parents bank accounts. Us at Boom Beach Universe have created boom beach cheats to help stop the madness of the freemium business model. What our boom beach cheats do is allow you to get unlimited resources such as diamonds for free without having to wait for the game to give you some or you having to pay for them.

Boom Beach Cheats Proof

Does our Boom Beach Cheats Get Your Account Banned?

We have been doing this for a while and nobody knows you’re using boom beach cheats. There’s nothing to worry about and its not even something we think about anymore. When I open Boom Beach, my goal is to have fun and not worry about the little things. I downloaded Boom Beach because it was advertised as a free game and I actually like the game. I’m not standing for a greedy company trying to profit off of me even when they advertise their product as free. Therefore, I’m using the boom beach cheats until the system is changed. If you’re looking to have free fun, use our boom beach cheats, if you’re not looking for a boom beach hack and plan on spending money to enjoy a free game, go right ahead, I’m not stopping you. Without using a boom beach cheat, enjoy paying these prices.


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