Clash Of Clans Hack – Gold And Elixir Galore!

Clash Of Clans Hack

Clash Of Clans Hack

An awesome strategy game where you get to build and defend your own village; dominate the world; and battle against thousands of players all over the globe! It’s of little surprise why ‘Clash Of Clans’ (developed by SuperCell) is a HUGE hit for gaming newbies and veterans alike.

But with so many players participating in the game, it’s hard to get an edge…if you don’t know the tricks.And if tricks are what you’re looking for, you’re on the RIGHT page. Read on and you’ll never have to mull over how to earn Elixir and Gold in Clash Of Clans.

Clash Of Clans Hack

Clash Of Clans Hack

Free Elixir! (2 Tips)

The person who said ‘there’s no such thing as free lunch; haven’t played Clash Of Clans obviously! Let me show you two tips to keep those Elixirs coming in…for FREE.

Tip1: This Clash Of Clans hack, cheat (or whatever you want to call it) works only when you’ve got less than 30 seconds before a troop is upgraded to a full army. Now, before the 30-second mark, you should signal the troop you’re upgrading. Before you do this, by the way, make sure you already have a full army.

Once the upgrade is finished, un-train the troops and…VIOLA! You now have free Elixir!

Tip 2: If you’ve ever wondered how to save your Elixir when offline, this is the tip to read! First, make sure ALL of your camps are full. Next, fill your barracks with bombers. Once you’ve done those steps, you can go offline with only about 100K Elixirs instead of 300K Elixirs. When you log in, unload the barracks before doing anything else and you’ll get all of your Elixirs back.

Clash Of Clans Hack Proof

A Farming Trick You’ll Love!

Want an ABC-easy way to farm in Clash Of Clans? The trick is very simple: lower your number of trophies (less than 200) and farm using goblins.

You see, the game’s match-making system relies on your amount of trophies. High-level and accomplished players have more trophies, and the system will match them against players who’re on the same league as far as trophies go. So to keep getting easy opponents, you should keep your amount of trophies down to less than 200.

Naturally, your loot will be A LOT less compared to beating players who have the same skill level and number of trophies. In light of that, you should use the cheapest troops possible. Goblins are perfect for this job – they’re cheap and you only need about 20 to 40 goblins to rake in 30K gold and Elixir from a lousily protected village.

It’s not uncommon at all to find villages (built by newbies) that have 50-80K gold and Elixir with only a Level 1 Cannon to guard it! That’s how bad the opposition is when you perform this trick.

To drop trophies, the most common route other players take is to use just a goblin on every village they see. It works, but it takes A LOT of time! So we’re going to take advantage of a glitch in this fine strategy game:

– First, find a match.

– Hold down the “Next” button.

– Drop a goblin.

– Right after deploying the lone goblin, release the “Next” button

And watch your amount of trophies go down.

Now, you’re ready to farm newbies’ villages and give them a spanking they’ll never forget!







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