Dragon City Hack – Tips And Tricks To Keep The Gold Coming!

Dragon City Hack – Tips And Tricks To Keep The Gold Coming!

While still precious and expensive, people no longer use gold for buying and selling their stuff. But not so in Dragon City! In this highly-addictive and fun game on iOS and Facebook, gold is everything (aside from dragons of course). If you’re having a hard time getting your gold revenue to a significant level, the following four ‘cheats’ will surely help you!

Dragon City Hack
Dragon City Hack

3 Dragon City Online Gold-Raking Tricks

– The first tip is as simple and straightforward as it could get: Just login DAILY.Yes, it’s that simple. You don’t even have to do anything special to rake in precious gold! Every time you log into the game consecutively for at least five days, you are guaranteed to be rewarded. Matter of fact, there are some instances where I get a total of 1500 gold just by logging in everyday for three days!

– Next, give your dragons’ habitats an upgrade. This is one of the best things you can do to earn more gold in Dragon City. You see, each habitat has a gold limit. Upgrading them not only increases the number of dragons you can keep in it, but it also increases the amount of gold it can hold. While it is true that it can be very costly (especially if you’re just starting out), you’ll soon get it back…that’s almost guaranteed.

– Last but not the least, buy expansions. Again, the gold you spend on expansions can snowball to a hefty amount. That said, it is gold well spent! Buying expansions means you get more room to build the structures you want. Even better, you could use the expansions to build more habitats and upgrade the ones you have, which is an excellent choice to give your stable gold income a nice boost!

Dragon City Hack
Dragon City Hack

Ultimate Dragon City Hack – Breeding An Authentic Gold Dragon!

“Precious by nature, this Dragon is the most giving of them all. If you take good care and feed it well, it just might lay a beautiful golden egg!”

– Gold Dragon’s Description

Now who wouldn’t want a dragon like that!? With a Gold Dragonin your camp that generates revenue by the minute, gold and income shouldn’t be a problem.

To start breeding a Gold Dragon, understand that this hybrid dragon has an affinity with metal and lightning…and that means you need to breed a Metal Dragon together with an Electric Dragon (breed time is 12 hours).

Keep in mind, however, that breeding these two dragons won’t result to a Gold Dragon all the time. The level of your dragons or the side where you put either dragon doesn’t matter at all. That is completely up to chance.

Dragon City Hack Proof

If luck smiled at you and you did get a Gold Dragon, you better take good care of it! You want him to evolve to Level 4 as quickly as possible since your Gold Dragon will be strong enough to battle enemies and generates a substantial gold amount per minute at this level.Here’s a quick run-down of a Gold Dragon’s levels and the amount of gold he delivers at each level:

Level 1 (8 Gold/Minute): Feed with 5 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 2

Level 2 (13 Gold/Minute):Feed with 10 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 3

Level 3 (18 Gold/Minute): Feed with 20 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 4

Level 4 (23 Gold/Minute): Feed with 40 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 5

Level 5 (28 Gold/Minute): Feed with 80 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 6

Level 6 (33 Gold/Minute): Feed with 160 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 7

Level 7 (38 Gold/Minute): Feed with 320 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 8

Level 8 (43 Gold/Minute): Feed with 640 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 9

Level 9 (48 Gold/Minute): Feed with 1280 food (4x) to upgrade to Level 10

How much gold/minute a Level 10 Gold Dragon earns, I’ll leave to you to figure out. There’s only one way to find out – breeda Metal and Electric Dragon; get a young Gold Dragon; and take good care of him until he gets to level 10!

You’ll be pleased by what he can do as far as gold revenue goes. That’s guaranteed!






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