39 Responses to "Minecraft Premium Account Free – Minecraft Premium Account Generator"

  1. Juaquito Dia says:

    thanks, finally one of these that is NOT a scam.

  2. Maerie Ruthers says:

    Only working generator I have come across. Thanks so much!

  3. Ayudas says:

    +1 for the working activation.

  4. Sertanejo Brasil says:

    Wow this really worked. Still in disbelief that it worked. Thank you!!!!

  5. evilgary says:

    working today for me :D thanks a lot

  6. *•.Psýclôgic.•* says:

    take my like!! you are the best

  7. howard_hughes says:

    loove it!!

  8. Scorpion Ghost says:

    dang yo great job this really helped

  9. Gabirel says:

    finally got Minecraft :) thanks alot

  10. Katsuki says:

    Merci fonctionne : D

  11. Dream Body says:

    I tested and it work for me, I generate one premium account and it works! thx

  12. Kekeke says:

    omg i can’t believe this ! got my premium and works !!!! thanksssss

  13. Slimming Power says:

    i just got a free premium yeaaaaaaa

  14. ShayneWard says:

    I was surprised But it really works! This generator save a lot of my money!!! Thx

  15. Humingbird says:

    the generator work perfectly for me!

  16. Siver says:

    thanks i have premium accounts

  17. Sansan says:

    I gave my friends some accounts now we can play in multiplayer so awesome!

  18. Issac says:

    I appreciate your minecraft generator program It’s just unbelievable

  19. Song Hye Kyo says:

    nice generator you coded there ;) hope you do more

  20. Mariano55 says:


  21. Capter says:

    Amazing , Thanks for this guide man

  22. Sachie says:

    Amazing , Thanks for this guide man

  23. Kie says:

    I got some premium accounts , pm me ill send you one.

  24. Sernia says:

    I got accounts. Thank a lot

  25. Jesenia Elery 77 says:

    Thank you admin, now I have my own Minecraft premium account

  26. Enrique says:

    awesome generator, I like it

  27. Hcl says:

    ty for support enjoy playing minecraft for free

  28. Comtrend says:

    Merci mec :) Enfin un compte gratuit!

  29. Minecraft says:

    J’ai un compte premium pour moi et une pour mon frere pour son anniversaire!

  30. Kersute says:

    merci je suis codes cadeau gratuit Minecraft!. . moi et mon fils joue minecraft ensemble maintenant

  31. HP says:

    Omg i can’t believe this ! got my premium and works !!!! thanksssss

  32. Cheater says:

    Can i get gift codes with it, i have a free minecraft account already

  33. Minecraft says:

    I got free account. Thanks a lot.

  34. Tanaka says:

    free minecraft premium account :)

  35. minecraft gift code says:

    this is amazing !! generated my premium account….thanks so much

  36. Aimbot says:

    there’s nothing better than a free minecraft premium account. love you!

  37. DailyTeen says:

    j adore le tout gratuit merci :)

  38. Minecraft says:

    Wow, it really work for me. Thank you. I love you and your blog.

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